Fastener Ordering

What to expect when ordering from

It's always the goal for CECO to fulfill all fastener orders as soon as possible. However, since fastener orders from CECO are factory direct, there may be delays based on the availability of finished product. Periods of higher demand also impact direct availability.

In times of high demand, CECO manages the production schedule to that demand. In these times, production can be out 3-4 weeks. orders do get priority, so the production time can improve 1-2 weeks from that timeframe.

CECO only ships the fasteners in job pack case's. Each fastener has it own unique counts (packs/case and fasteners/pack) and are all identified on the product description. CECO plans to add to the packaging options, but that will be in the future. does maintain an inventory of our drivers and drill bits lines. Fulfillment of these are typically within 1-2 business days.